Cloud Security Consulting


As cloud is a shared service, it raises concern about the privacy, integrity and access control of the data. You save your most important and sensitive data in cloud. With the increasing demand of cloud, security is given the utmost priority.
Idexcel’s cloud service places ‘security’ at the top of its priorities and ensures that privacy and integrity is maintained when handling your data. We have an enhanced data security and privacy policy that adheres to all regulatory compliances.
Our cloud security service addresses all security controls which are needed to maintain a customer’s data security and privacy. Along with data security, we provide a disaster recovery plan which proves to be a saviour in case of any security breach.
The technology and policy used in Idexcel caters to all compliances irrespective of the service models (SaaS, PaaS or IaaS) and the delivery models (public, private or hybrid). We will ensure all necessary security patches are applied and security features are implemented to reduce threats. We adopt data isolation and logical storage segmentation which doesn’t allow a customer to view other’s data.


Our cloud security service has the following to offer:

  • It allows you to assess the risks involved while mounting your data on cloud.
  • Our certified engineers provide a secure virtual environment which protects the infrastructure across all layers.
  • We suggest/apply encryption mechanism to ensure data security both in transit & rest.
  • The policies are complaint to multi-tenant environment which monitors the customer’s access to the data saved in a shared platform.
  • We also suggest/implement various security appliances needed for data security.

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