Mobile Application Design Services



Today’s adoption of mobile technology is rapidly changing the way organizations are conducting business. At Idexcel, we found that businesses with industry leading Mobile technology outperforms and grows by 2 times more than its peers, including revenues driven by 10% more.

Idexcel Mobility Solutions brings together context, collaboration and clarity. We help our clients support and manage the mobile infrastructure with solutions designed to reduce cost and gain expertise. Idexcel’s mobility service helps you better manage the IT infrastructure. It is a comprehensive managed service that stretches beyond Software –as-a-solution. Our clients achieve end to end mobile device management solution inside the enterprise.

Work with our seasoned mobility services team and develop strategies to achieve your mobility goals faster.


Our wide spectrum of Mobility services include:

Mobility Strategies

Idexcel mobile strategies are designed to drive effectiveness and unlock value. We deliver tailor made enterprise architecture and application strategies to drive mobility excellence, productivity driven infrastructure capabilities and of course, unmatched security. Our Mobility Strategies are here to drive enterprise and customer value, altogether.

Mobile Application

Idexcel Mobile Application services deliver consumer and enterprise application that helps our client stand out in market and improve productivity. Our Mobile Application development ensures you achieve a mobile solution that delivers seamless performance under reduced cost and increased efficiency. We help you manage your IT infrastructure, finance and inventory with advanced mobile applications. Maintenance of your valuable resources like workforce, logistics and inventory is made simple with our industry leading mobile applications.

Mobile Application & Device Testing

By bringing together our expertise in mobile technologies and testing practises, we ensure our clients a smooth and efficient app development process. Our comprehensive mobile application testing service encompass wide array of testing like performance and network simulation testing, location based testing and security testing across diverse range of devices and software platforms. Our device testing services is offered to test device stability and various network components performing on various operating systems.