Security Testing Services


In this era of seemingly nonstop waves of hacking, malware, and spear-phishing attacks, the new mandate is to have the right technology and security testing practices in place to detect and fix any security defects before the application goes live.


Need for Application Security Testing:

  • The need for security testing/vulnerability assessment of an application is to ensure that the application is not susceptible to the popular web attacks depicted by “OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Top Ten Threats”
  • Patching or rebuilding application is expensive
  • Interaction between 3rd party code and custom business logic creates vulnerabilities
  • Organizations are increasingly investing in infrastructure and using vendor provided PaaS and IaaS services

Idexcel’s security testing services ensure:

  • Applications are secure against known and unknown vulnerabilities (Identity Spoofing, Illegal Access, Service attacks, Buffer Overruns)
  • Application data is secure and hack proof (Data Tampering)
  • Applications are compliant with all security regulations

We use a combination of Techniques and Guidelines like the following to arrive at the right level of Security Testing required by the application under test.

  • Top 10 OWASP Guidelines
  • & SANS Guidelines
  • Manual Code analysis
  • Tool based Security Assessment
Security Testing Tools:
IBM Appscan, Burp Suite, Tamper Data, Live http Headers, HP Fortify, VeraCode, OWASP Top 10, N-Stealth, Hailstorm, Paros, SANS Top 20

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