1. Where do you find your candidates?

Our recruiting team maintains a proprietary database of candidates. We seek out referrals, which helps us find passive candidates. Our staffing team also has access to several resume searching tools such as Dice, Monster, CareerBuilder, etc. We also use social media tools to stay connected to the candidates and clients.

2. Can you help me look for a job?

Yes, Idexcel places people in three ways- Direct Placement, Contract to Hire and Contract positions. We work with professionals with different skills and skill levels. Whether you are entry level, or upper management, we can help you find the best career opportunity.

3. How do you shortlist the candidates?

We follow extensive screening methods, and this is what sets us apart from other recruiting firms. We qualify only the best possible candidates for any given requirement. We follow a four-step process in order to find the best fit for our client’s specific needs.

Usually, initial screening is done for several candidates, but only the best one or two candidates are chosen after rigorous screening. These chosen candidates match the client’s exact requirements.

4. How do you check the background of the candidate?

We do the basic background check, and can do additional testing based on client’s request.

5. How many recruiters are assigned to each requisition?

Based on the requirement or urgency, we usually assign 1-5 recruiters for any requisition.